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 Dr. James Bramson is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Organizational Consultant with over twenty-three years of psychotherapy, training, consulting and teaching experience. Dr. Bramson has a global perspective as he has lived, studied, worked and facilitated transformative
workshops both in U.S.A. and abroad. He is passionately committed to helping individuals and organizations optimize mind, body and spiritual integration. 

Dr Bramson is also the founder and Director of Mindful Alliance Center www.mindfulalliancecenter.com


The Anxiety and Depression Help Site a href="http://anxietyanddepression-help.com"
target="_blank">Anxiety and Depression Help Site</a>
is run by Dr Bob Rich, a Counselling Psychologist and fellow Buddhist therapist. You will find help here for every way people make themselves and
each other miserable.



Early Life Foundationsis a not for profit organisation and research centre for children's education, research and parent support;  the organisation provides an independent voice to the community about children's education and well being.